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18/03/2016 Compltion of 04 weeks Field Training CGMT UP East Circle Issued Posting Order for Joining as Rgular JTO at Same Units Where Deputed for Field Trainig. Read More

10/03/2016 Consistents efforts by Secretary General BTEF Sh. Suresh Kumar Ji and GS BSNL Officers Association Sh. HP Singh getting result issued Corrigendum of JTO LICE as All Officiating JTOs Promoted Regular against Vacancy Year-2013-14 included carried forwarded Vacancy of Previous Years. Read More

10/03/2016 DE/AGM promotion order to DGM (Adhoc) issued by BSNL CO ND. Read More

08/03/2016 BSNL CO ND Issued Revised Notification(Partial Modification) Of JTO T LDCE-Regularized the Officiating JTOs Against Available Vacancies. Read More

02/03/2016 Notificatio Issued for JAO LICE under 40% Quota Read More

02/03/2016 Notification Issued for JTO (T) LDCE against vacancy year-2013-14 as per JTO (T) RR2014. Read More

16/02/2016 LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Junior Telecom Officer (JTO-T) proposed on 08.05.2016 to be kept on Hold due to Court Case filed in CAT JODHPUR. Read More

16/02/2016 Promotions from JTO(T) to SDE(T) and SDE (T) to DE court case filed in the Hon’ble CAT CHANDIGARH Next Date for Hearing on 23rd February2016 Stay Order is Vacated CPC will be Expedite. Read More

30/01/2016 BSNL CO ND Issued order for Holding LICE for promotion to the JTO (T)Cadre under 50% Internal Quota against remaining post ,after comletion of Absorption process(i.e. Regularization of Officiating JTOs.) Read More

29/01/2016 Clerification on Method of Pay Fixation on Promotion 3%+3% Read More